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    Efficienship Monitor

    Any improvement process should start with a measurement of what is going on.

    Let the numbers do the talking

    Sometimes it seems that shipping is very slow to take up new technology. While burning away many tons of fuel, the only measurement taken is a tank sounding once a day, written down in a logbook, and communicated in a noon report. So 20th century….

    In my car I am always aware of my fuel consumption by keeping an eye on the economy meter. On board I just don’t have the same information, even though we are consuming tons of fuel per day.

    At Efficienship we firmly believe in the power of numbers. Without accurate information it is impossible to start an improvement process. Therefore the basis of the Efficienship system is a monitoring system which measures realtime fuel consumption and environmental conditions.

    Get your crew involved

    In automotive it is often said that the best energy saver is your right foot. On a ship the same can be said for the hand that operates the throttle. Giving the crew realtime information about fuel-consumption is a quick win, as it raises awareness. Linking the fuel-consumption to distance travelled gives the crew a very essential insight into the economy of the vessel.
    slow down!


    Several options exists to gather and display realtime fuel consumption data. The basis of all measurements is a flow-meter, combined with other sensor information like GPS, speedlog, Wind, RPM and pitch etc. The information is displayed on the bridge using either a dedicated display or a PC based monitoring application. See technical stuff for more information…

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      • Increase awareness
      • Gather accurate information
      • Save fuel
      • Save money