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    Efficienship Dashboard

    Efficienship Dashboard is a flexible and extensive web-application which gives you un unrivalled toolbox to analyse trends, compare parameters and monitor a fleet of vessels.


    Efficienship Dashboard is a cloud application (which means it is on the internet and you can use it with any browser) which gathers all the information from a vessel, or a fleet of vessels, and presents it in a comprehensive overview. One of the main benefits of the dashboard is that you can actually monitor what is going on onboard and see if the crew is operating within the agreed plans.

    Efficienship Dashboard is very flexible. Everything is widgetized. I can just change the screen layout myself. Very web 2.0….

    Performance analysis

    Over time as more and more data is gathered, trends can be established from the data and comparisons against sisterships or a theoretical model can be made. One of the basics of this performance analysis is the comparison against the theoretical power/speed curve.

    Economic speed

    From the power speed curve, an economical model can be established which gives a baseline indication of what is the most “economic” speed for a certain vessel, given certain market conditions like freight rate, fuel price etc. Gradually the ship’s model can be improved using environmental data.
    It takes the guesswork out of voyage planning, and establishes the most “economic” speed for every vessel and every circumstance.

    A trend is trend, is a trend, is a trend. But when and how does it bend? Does it take of and fly? Or lay down and die? As a sure sign of the end….

    Trend Analysis

    An essential tool in the toolkit provided by Efficienship Dashboard is trend analysis. Any parameter can be trended over weeks, months or years to establish improvements or deterioration. Hull fouling or engine deterioration are easily detected, and decisions for hull cleaning or engine overhaul are supported by hard facts.

    Efficienship Dashboard is much more, check out all the feature on our features page.

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      • Everything under control
      • No more guesswork
      • Sail economically under all circumstances
      • Save fuel
      • Save money