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    Welcome to Efficienship!

    Time to start saving fuel?

    Tough times for shipping. With depressed dayrates, upcoming emissions regulations and high fuel prices, attention for fuel efficiency of ships can bring immediate benefits to both the environment and your bottom line.

    At Efficienship we believe that there is a lot to gain. Given the right tools any ship can be driven more efficiently, saving fuel and cutting down CO2 emissions in the process.


    Efficienship operates via a three stage process:

    Measure – Get accurate information, involve the crew and establish a baseline for improvements

    Analyse – Verify the ships performance against a theoretical model, improve the model, monitor trends and feedback to the crew

    Improve – Plan voyages using the verified model taking into account all environmental factors


    Efficienship provides you with products and services for all three stages of the improvement process, from monitoring equipment onboard, a cloud based analysis and monitoring application to a state-of-the-art planning tool.

    Trials have shown that fuel reductions of more than 20% are possible.

    Interested to find out more? Check out: Efficienship Monitor or Contact us