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    Features of the Efficienship Service

    Efficienship Monitor

    The Efficienship Monitor displays fuel consumption information on the bridge of a vessel. The monitor connects to fluel flow meters, GPS, speedlog and wind sensors. All essential data like speed, fuel consumption, fuel consumption per NM etc. is presented in an easy to read display.

    Efficienship Communicator

    The Efficienship Communicator connects the onboard monitoring system to the cloud based Efficienship Dashboard. The Efficienship Communicator is very flexible and can be configured as a router or firewall. Implementations for Iridium, Inmarsat Fleetbroadband and VSAT are available. Alternatively the communicator is fitted with a 3G modem, to synchronize when the vessel is near shore, or in port. The amount of data to transfer is small (< 10Kb per day).

    Efficienship Dashboard

    Efficienship Dashboard is a cloud application, which means that you can view your fleet on almost any device: laptop, desktop computer, ipad or tablet or mobile phone. Efficienship Dashboard is very flexible. All functionality is available as widgets, which means that you can tailor the screens to your own needs.

    Fleet Map

    One of the available widgets is a fleet map which displays your vessels on a map with past track. The color of the track shows the fuel-consumption of the vessel; green is economic; orange and red is less economic.

    Performance analysis

    Using the graph widget, any available parameter can be compared with another parameter and compared to a theoretical model. Also sister vessels can be compared and trends can be established.

    Extensive statistics

    The statistics widget gives the possibility to retrieve averages, totals and estimates of all essential parameters. It can be used to compare sister vessels or be used for planning purposes.

    Many more widgets and functions are available. The Efficienship Dashboard is continuously expanded with extra features and widgets.

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